Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Sup.. What you been doin' all along?

You know.. chillin'. Trying to make sense of much but not really achieving that goal in any way.

Amongst other things...

I opened my blog in another tab. Aside from yesterday's horrendous attempt in making a post that would much better be kept as a post it, I see that the last time I gave a shit about this blog was in January. It's a awkward feeling. I WANT to write in this, to let frustration run free as many of my other posts seem to follow, but I find myself being much to lazy and care free of a person to WANT to care like I would wish.
UGH! Utter bullshit. It's like having to repeatedly put your hand on a hot stove over.. and over.. and over again to learn the lesson that you should have been taught the first time the air started smelling a little thick and bacon-y.

Proposing an analogy like that above would entail that I write in this more often (because I know myself way too much for my own good to believe that something worthwhile would be pumped out of me and on to this page.. at a rate of every day) or at least make it appear that I have some sort of actual enjoyment that comes as a result of what I manage to put on here.

Classes are swell over at Queens College.  Don't know if there is anymore I can say for that.  It'd be nice to wake up one morning and find a degree in my hand... just like that. But if it's another year... then I should work for it. In other news, I have a horrible molar in the back of my mouth that cannot remind me enough to stop smoking. Root canals are the worst.  But I look forward to the anesthetic.  Good times for the night following the drilling...

I have books on Amazon for sale (Like that book)! Go Go Go! As fast as Charlie if you can!

I could certainly have a cold one from the Brooklyneer right now. What sucks about seasonal beer? It's seasonal. It'll soon be time to say adeiu to Winter Ale, but Spring should bring in some good flavors.  (It's a great institution. And I really mean GREAT.  Everyone should taste the Greenpoint or the Kim Chee Dog at least once.  The staff is a blast too. You can't beat 'em. Cheers!)

Anyway. On to American Literature. ... .... ..... or Dumb and Dumber. Let's see.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011


I haven't forgot about Rollin' in my six-fo.  I do need to think about the future of the blog. It's still my personal journal that I would like to.. at least try to keep up-to-date. For those that still peer into this world.. THANK YOU! Maybe there will be some new focus..

And then again.. maybe not. If it ain't broke..


Thursday, January 6, 2011

RING RING RING 2011 everybody!

Cheers to the Polar Bear Club of Coney Island!

Great feeling to wake you up and to start the New Year's fresh as ever. The numb toes are something to deal with, but it's worth the jump in. Hell, as long as you avoided Coney Island's greatness sprinkled along the shore, ingrained along side sand and ready to cut the bottoms of your feet just as a reminder of where you are at and what happened there nights before, you were okay. Maybe I assume to much when I think that you could even feel a cut or gash when anything below your ankle is deep purple. Say good-bye to a hangover once your head dips inside the water.

Happy to say I behaved myself that night. I wouldn't have minded another trip far away, but keeping it local and taking the day to relax was fair and wanted.

I want to pick up a copy of this book. Childish for a grown-up(definitions vary don't they?)? Maybe so(I'd like to think not), but some of these are pretty nifty. Check the blog out for a free downloadable PDF of Andy Warhol, created by Workman Publishing's Matt Hawkins, or click the Andy's name to be directed to the PDF. Instructions are given within the PDF itself.

Papertoy Monsters cover image courtesy of Workman Publishing. Copyright 2010.

Wingy Wingy atop the Workman Christmas Tree.

Have a January that turns leaves over, and may the wind bring you many more!

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Lazy lazy Sunday(I can't think of what else to title this. 'pologies.)

As long as there continues to be a calendar that follows a seven-day week, I can look forward to Sunday. Lazy, hazy, lazy Sunday.  It's week 15 and I always seem to pick one blooper that I can count on to knock me out of the pool. Then again, it's a bit early to see if the Texans will pull a fast one and get the Titans by at least 2.5. I don't even want to look at the screen, they're driving in but they need at least two touchdown's just to be considered in this.

Dark Beat has been posting this on his wall to share, and it's good tune. I hope some will dig it.

AHHHHHHHH CMON TEXANS WHAT THE hell. Even if it's on the NFL Network's Gameday Statzone feature, I can't help flopping around like a fish watching the bars bounce back and forth, position arrows not moving as much as I'd like to see as well. Controversial call also for the Jags. Ughhh.  Weak. Also, do note that the link I gave you up top prooooooooobably is mispelled. BOOM Go Texans! HAH!

Got to check out Mirko Loko at Cielo on Thursday night with Dysti. I believe it's safe to say everyone had a good time. Really. (Hah.)  Hell I went out late night as well to Iggy's on 2nd Ave. For a first time, and what ensued throughout the whole entire night until I hit the hay at 5:30, it was everything that a night owl full of debauchery and fun should be. And smelly farts laid out at the bar by new friends that I will never see again. Maybe. I guess that's only something that can be determined if I drunkenly stroll in there again. I forgot that they didn't like rap music. Just a quick note for those wanting to spit Gucci out for the night on stage. But Nelly was totally acceptable.

Bah. Half time. My stomach calls, and I must oblige.


P.S I can't wait for the next season of Boardwalk Empire.

P.P.S.  It's almost 2011. Brrrr. Felt chills saying that.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Groove to this in the mean time 

Dj Dark Beat's new mix, available for download from his page!  Get it!

Happy Lazy Sunday to all you thieves and gypsies!

Women (Lazy Saturday)

I just don't understand them.

Other than an ominous and vague title, I don't think anything else in this post will have to do with the fairer sex. Honestly couldn't think of a title.  And I suppose that a title warranting Women as a general figure and population whose actions and thoughts are indecipherable by the opposite sex and one man in particular would seem... who am I kidding.  I don't know why I am keeping this as Women.  Adding a sub-title would seem more appropriate, or at least help convey some kind of focused thought.  Blanking out for just one minute... I believe that there isn't a sub-title in the world that can save this post. HAH!.  Good game Lazy Saturday*.

I flipped through the Frankies Spuntino Kitchen Companion and Cooking Manual last night.  It really is that good of a cookbook.  It should have made it further in the Piglet's Tournament of Cookbooks.  Damn that wildcard!  And in no way am I being a biased commentator.  Scratch that. I am being an extremely biased commentator. A trip to Barnes and Nobles or Borders sounds in order.  I can't recall the last time I camped out between the oak shelves of the mega-giant retailer with a couple of books and some joe in hand.  Did you ever cut class just to hide out in a library or bookstore?  I think at some points I did. I guess the times I do remember going there, at least younger and with friend, would lead us to grabbing books for the Kama Sutra section.  But this isn't to say I wouldn't grab a photo-heavy compilation or odd-subject reference.  - "Vast Hacking by a China Fearful of the Web."

It's a good article, especially with the leaked cables that have been uncovered for the rest of the world courtesy of WikiLeaks and Julian Assange.

And I leave you with this...Time, December 12, 2010 from "The War on Secrecy":

Would you like to expose some of Russia's and China's secret dealings the way you have done with U.S. documents.?

Yes, indeed. In fact we believe it is the most closed societies that have the most reform potential. The Chinese case is quite interesting. Aspects of the Chinese government, [the] Chinese Public Security Service, appear to be terrified of free speech, and while one might say that means something awful is happening in the country, I actually think that is a very optimistic sign, because it means that speech can still cause reform. Journalism and writing are capable of achieving change, and that is why Chinese authorities are so scared of it. Whereas in the U.S., to a large degree, and in other Western countries, the basic elements of society have been so heavily fiscalized through contractual obligations that political change doesn't seem to result in economic change. In other words, political change doesn't result in change.

-Julian Assange


Friday, December 3, 2010

Like a ..Geo Metro


Let me tell you people one thing.  Wisdom teeth.. when not aligned correctly, and on the brink of decay and all that is inhumanely possible to think in terms of gnawing pain, will make you wish you were still 4 months old eating mush, potatoes, and formula.  I normally don't have many gripes when it comes to visiting the dentist's office.  I prefer the dentist's office more than I do visiting a doctor.  Never really sure why that feeling sticks.  Maybe it's the invincibility factor that goes along with a doctor check up.  Considering how.. from the moment we're born, we're on a set path to death, delaying the inevitable is something I know I personally try to shoot for.  It's procrastination at it's finest.

I've never been to Scotland.  Considering how I work with a book describing the Truest.. of True Links, I've had a growing fascination with the country, and it's landscape.  And I also like my Macallan.  There isn't a whiskey that I've tasted that comes as close to being as good as the 12 year aged bottle that sits perched atop some drawer or cabinet in my apartment.  The Macallan has begun running a fun contest with their Masters of Photography project.  This year, photographer Albert Watson heads The Macallan's photo journal, taking viewers on "The Great Journey", starting from Spain where the wood for the oak casks are acquired, till the journey's end in Scotland.  <---Vote for me! Muchos gracias to those that take the time out for one simple click.  I actually have five photographs uploaded, but if I had my pick for the cream of the crop, I would pick this one that I took walking over the 59th St. (Queensboro) Bridge.

I wanted to write some tidbit's on The Frankies Spuntino Kitchen Companion and Cooking Manual by Frank Falcinelli, Frank Castronovo and Peter Meehan since it lays on my coffee table, glimmering when the gold lined pages hit the light, but I've come to see that sitting here trying to make anything worthwhile would be a waste.  I'll shoot for tomorrow.  I really do love this book.  Do check it out if you want Italian at it's unpretentious finest.
  (Ain't that one of the niftiest covers you've seen in awhile?)

I'd leave you with a tune as well, but considering it's Friday night, I'd hope and expect that everyone has something they have been buzzing, humming, or bopping their head to the whole day.

The Franks! Tomorrow!...Maybe!